Q. What is the aim of Conceptual Anesthesia

A. Our main aim is to get everything compiled into one place with all the updates and critical add care to a part of anesthesia as many budding anaesthetists are now joining this new field.

Q. Will the App cover entire Anesthesia?

A. Yes. Entire plethora of Clinical & Surgical Anesthesia will be covered.

Q. Will the App be updated with more videos and new content?

A. Yes. Since Anesthesia is an ever evolving branch with new techniques, procedures and recent advances. The App too will be updated with New Videos and New Content on regular basis.

Q. Will CA app also be showing some procedures and skills?

A. Yes of course, this app will be showing the procedures. So we have live demonstrations in the operation theatre as well as some procedures on mannequins which will help the students master these procedures before they enter and perform it on a human.
We also have recorded video lectures of the important chapters and have MCQs integrated with those chapters. We also will have notes made out of those chapters and the important content, and then supported by the books.

Q. Will there be Live Sessions ?

Yes as we as doctors somehow need stimulation in talking to teachers. We will be having live sessions, so you people will be talking to your teachers in advance.
A schedule will be given to you where you can listen to the topic that they teach, and it will be a two-way communication where you can click on the button and talk to them live.

Q. Will CA help Anesthesia Post graduates who are preparing for their SS Entrance Exams.

A. Apart from the anesthesia, once you have done Anesthesia and critical Care, the super specialty exams that you appear for, it is going to click and help you in that.

Q. Will there be Q.Bank to prepare for Exams?

A. Yes. A dedicated Q.Bank is being created to practice Questions on Important Topics for Super – Speciality Entrance Exams

Q. Will International Faculties also teach on Conceptual Anesthesia Platform?

A. Yes. Highly Experienced National & International Faculties will teach on Conceptual Anesthesia Platform.

Q. How can I ask Doubts?

A. We will be conducting regular Online LIVE Sessions, so you get an opportunity to interact with the Faculty and ask your doubts on regular basis.



Q. Is the app available on Apple (iOS) or only android ?

A. CA App will be available on both Android & iOS.

Q. Do videos work on all devices?

A. To watch videos on iOS, you need iOS version 14 and above, and for Android, you need version 10 and above. Minimum RAM required is 6GB for the app to function properly. However, there are few devices which are not supported because of few security reasons.

  • Lenovo K3 Note
  • Lenovo K5 Note
  • Asus Zen phone
  • Xiaomi Redmi 4a
  • Other Redmi models
  • Lava phones
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro
  • Real Me 6
  • POCO M2 Pro

The above list is also device specific which means some phones of the above models can support content, while others may have issues. As much as we want all our subscribers to be benefitted, however if you have any of the above mentioned devices, we will advise you to first play one of the free videos in app on your device before going for a Premium plan.

Q. What will happen to my plan if I change my phone or device ?

A. Your plan will be associated with your device, phone number & email id you use while subscribing. In case you want to change device associated with your account you need contact our Team our helpline No: + 91-9999664864 or mail to

Please Note that if you change your device, all your data, bookmarks, tests and usage is safe online. However, the downloaded videos will be lost in the process of device change.
Please NoteThis is a single fix Device App , If your device has already been changed once, please remember that we cannot change the device again before 90 days.

Q. How many times can I watch the videos?

A. You can watch the videos unlimited times during the subscription of your pack.

Q. On how many devices can I play the videos at a single point of time?

A. Conceptual Anesthesia is a Single User Premium App. Once you subscribe you can access the App only on one single device that gets registered while subscribing.

Q. Can we install the App in iPad , tablet & Laptop?

A. Conceptual Anesthesia App can be installed in iPad & Tablet but not in Laptop due to security reasons.

Q. What is the refund policy?

A. All purchases will be final and no refund request will be entertained under any circumstances.

Q. What will happen to my plan if I change my contact number?

A. The registered contact number cannot be changed as it is linked with your subscription. Different phone number is treated as a different id and can only be changed if you subscribe again with a new number.

Q. Does App work on iOS 9?

A. No, App works on iOS version 10 and above.

Q. Whom do we contact for any Technical Assistance?

A. For Technical Support, please contact Our Technical Team via e-mail to

Q. Whom do we contact for any other Assistance?

A. For any other Assistance, please contact on our Helpline No: + 91-9999664864 or mail to

Q. What will happen if I take a screenshot of the content in the App?

A. Taking a Screenshot is Prohibited. In case you take a screenshot your plan will be suspended for a minimum of 30 days and if done repeatedly Your Subscription gets suspended permanently.